About Midtown Grappling Academy

Midtown Grappling Academy is a world-class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program led by Alexandre Meadows, a black belt in the art under multiple time world champion Marcelo Garcia. Alex is a two-time Pan-Am No Gi Champion and won the Absolute World Championship in 2010. ‚Äč From fundamentals to advanced techniques, Alex is an exceptional motivator and teacher who is excited to share with you his passion for jiu jitsu.

Alex founded Midtown Grappling Academy to promote Jiu Jitsu, teach self-defense in Memphis, and provide an exciting outlet for personal fitness.

Through his extensive experience competing in Jiu Jitsu, Meadows has learned which techniques are best suited for the combat sport, and which can be effectively used in a fight. Meadows began his Jiu Jitsu journey in Brazil under Master Ricardo De La Riva, a legend in the art who received his black belt from Carlson Gracie and is credited with introducing the De La Riva guard to the world.

When he moved to the United States, Meadows started training under another Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend in Marcelo Garcia. In this stage of his training, Meadows became fluent in using Jiu Jitsu to protect himself from larger attackers, which is a well-established theme in the career of Marcelo Garcia.

In Memphis, Meadows is focused on teaching Jiu Jitsu to adults and kids, from casual hobbyists to top-level competitors. Meadows is committed to teaching Jiu Jitsu that can be applied in self-defense situations, and that stimulates incredible fitness.